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Dominic Berlingeri: 7 On Page SEO Techniques

· Dominic Berlingeri

Dominic Berlingeri is a digital marketing strategist having more than 20 years experience in digital marketing industry.

According to Dominic Berlingeri, if we do on page SEO work according to Google guidelines then it's easy to rank your website in search engine. Many newbie beginners search on page SEO techniques so Dominic Berlingeri created a post about ON page SEO work.

Here are 7 on Page SEO Techniques that you need to focus on your website:

Optimize Meta Title & Tag

Website's URL Structure
For example: (It's right) (Wrong)

Loading time of your website (Check your website's speed through this link )

Use Alt tag for your website's images

Use of internal and external links

Accuracy of your content

Visit to read more detail about On Page SEO.

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